About Us.

Who We Are:
Pure Body Beverages Inc. is a global purveyor and Canadian importer of “All-Natural” beverage products for the health conscious Canadian consumer.

For Businesses:
We offer end-to-end solutions to businesses interested in establishing a branded presence (or private label relationship) in the North American market.

We are a one stop shop, providing guidance on best business practices, sales contacts, market and merchandising programs, logistics support and government regulations information.

In Summary:
In a (coco) nutshell you can say we are changing consumers attitudes towards healthy beverages ... drop by drop.


Coconut Water:
Rehydrate and replenish with nature’s sports drink and best electrolyte. With more potassium than a banana, low acidity, no fat, no sugar added and no cholesterol you are going to want to chug a lot of this water … and often!

Acai Berry Smoothie:
The acai berry is a small berry about the size of a grape and is native to Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. It has been considered by many to be the #1 superfood in the world due its extremely high concentration of antioxidants, healthy omega fats and fibers.

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